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Find the documents you need, right when you need them.

Search for your documents in one place instead of ten. No more switching back and forth between different apps and accounts.

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Once you see it that first time, you’re hooked forever.
Naveen Selvadurai / Partner, Expa
Quickly get to important documents with tags.

Use tags to organize and group documents by project, client, date and anything else you can dream up. You and your team will find your documents faster and be happier.

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FYI has made it way easier to find things quickly when I need them.
Will Hoekenga / Founder, Copygrad
Your documents and apps organized into workspaces.

Use a collaborative workspace with your team and easily switch to a personal workspace when you need it.

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FYI really has improved a core part of my daily workflow for the better. Very useful.
Ramsey Chapin / Entrepreneur
Create new documents without the hassle.

Make new documents faster. With FYI it takes just one click to create a new document in your favorite apps.

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Saves so much time in such an elegant way.
Jonathan Tzou / Founder, Optix Data
Your team’s documents all in one place.

See the people you collaborate with and all of your shared documents, right in FYI. Never bug someone for a link to their document again.

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I don’t know how to function without it. I can finally find everything!
Darren Chait / COO, Hugo
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