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Winners of the 2018 Golden Kitty Awards are revealed
FYI was named runner up Lifehack of the Year in Product Hunt's annual Golden Kitty Awards.
Use FYI – Review from Naveen, co-founder of FourSquare
“There’s a new tool I’ve been using for the past few weeks and that I have been absolutely loving. It happens to be called FYI…”
12 Must-Have Browser Extensions
FYI is one of 12 must-have browser extensions according to Product Hunt.
How to Lead a Remote-Friendly Startup
FYI co-founder Hiten Shah shares how to lead a remote-friendly startup.
Avoiding Common Product Development Pitfalls
FYI co-founder Hiten Shah shares how the FYI team avoids common pitfalls of product development.
The Path to Product Excellence
FYI co-founder Hiten Shah is featured in ProductBoard’s “The Path to Product Excellence”
KnowYourCompany Interview with Hiten Shah
Interview with FYI co-founder Hiten Shah on KnowYourCompany’s The Heartbeat Podcast.
HackerNoon Interview with Hiten Shah
Starting up with FYI co-founder Hiten Shah.
The Story Behind Successfully Bringing FYI to Market
FYI co-founder Hiten Shah on the Pillars of a Successful Go-To-Market Strategy.
FYI Launches its Desktop App
FYI launches a Mac and Windows app on Product Hunt: Finally, your ☁️and 🖥 documents in one place.
FYI Launches on Product Hunt
FYI Launches its Chrome Extension and web app on Product Hunt: Find your documents, like magic 🔮.
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