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How FYI Works

FYI brings all of your documents together in one place, no matter what apps or accounts they are in.

Connect Your Apps
Connect the apps you use for creating, sharing and storing your documents. It only takes a few seconds to securely connect each app!

What apps can I connect to FYI?
G Suite, Dropbox, Dropbox Paper, Slack, Github Gist, OneDrive, Box, Asana, and Trello. New apps are added every week.

How many accounts can I add to FYI?
You can connect as many app accounts as you’d like to FYI.

Is it secure to connect my apps?
Your documents are protected when you use FYI. Learn More.

Add My Documents
Add FYI to Chrome
You’ll get quick access to all the documents from the apps you connected, right from the new tab in your Chrome browser.

Why does FYI open in a new tab?
FYI opens in a new tab so that you can have your documents conveniently at your fingertips whenever you need them.

What else do I get with the Chrome extension?
You’ll be able to easily get to documents and websites that are already open in your browser without opening a second tab.

Add My Documents
Instant Access
With FYI every document you’ve created and that’s been shared with you will be accessible in just a few clicks. Your documents will be automatically organized so you won’t be checking each app and account to find what you’re looking for. They’ll all be in one place.

How does FYI find my documents?
FYI searches through the titles of documents. Full text search is available on enterprise plans. Contact us to learn more.

How can I see my recent documents?
Your activity feed gives you quick access to your recent documents. As soon as you open FYI you’ll see detailed activity of what’s been happening with your documents recently.

Can my team use FYI together?
Absolutely! You can create a workspace and get a special URL for your company so anyone from your company can easily join your FYI workspace. You and your team will save time searching for each other’s documents.

Find any document in 3 clicks or less.
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