What if… whenever you thought of a document, you always found it with 3 clicks or less.

Click, click, boom. And then the document loads. 3 clicks. Every time.

No matter how many tools your team uses, no matter who happened to create the document, no matter how long it has been since you used the document.

What if you could always depend on being able to find the document that you’re looking for?
Every time you wanted a document, there would be a single place you could go to find it. There would be a single search box that worked across all your tools. A way to build your own groups of documents to organize them across all your tools at once. And even a way to predict which documents you needed next, surfacing them automatically.

- How much extra work would you get done every week?
- How much better would you feel not having to dig for documents?
- How much more impact would you make being able to focus on the work that mattered instead of frantically looking for that one document?

We can have this with a Document Organization Service.
There’s so much time we’re all wasting every day searching, creating, sharing, modifying and organizing our documents. A Document Organization Service should be there to handle the burden of organization so you have the time to do the work that matters.

This is why we built FYI, we saw the need for a Document Organization Service that gave us the ability to search and organize all our documents in one place.

Here’s how your workflow changes when you use FYI.

Now every document is three clicks away.
Open tab, search, open doc. Every time…
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